KEKSI Kollektiivi is a collective and creative community of seven women in Oulu, founded in 2015. We produce events and offer possibilities in the street dance field mainly in the Oulu region. One of the main goals for KEKSI Kollektiivi is to maintain and develop the street dance culture in Oulu, which is well-known also in the Finnish context. This is implemented by supporting local dance and dancers and as well by bringing knowledge and new ideas from both Finland and abroad.

Within the years KEKSI Kollektiivi has been active, the collective has managed to acquire a rich CV with multiple projects. KEKSI has been producing club nights, battles, jams, workshops, performances and also weekly practices. KEKSI has been co-operating for example with the Oulu Theatre, University of Oulu, Jojo – Oulu Dance Center, UrbanApa, Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Sade Ry.

Members of KEKSI have wide knowledge and experience on different dance styles. The range includes for example Hip Hop, Waacking, Locking and House, but also other styles as modern dance, show dance and Latin dances. The members of KEKSI have been performing for example in festival stages, clubs, business events and music videos. Besides these, their skillset also includes teaching and organizing events. This is why KEKSI Kollektiivi is always open for new co-operation ideas.